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My Morning Skincare Routine

Mornings are rough. I am the opposite of a morning person. So finding a meaningful morning routine was a challenge. Especially during college, I was doing good to look presentable for class, let alone complete a 10 step skincare routine every morning. Since I’ve taken a more minimal approach to my lifestyle lately, I’ve been able to create a skincare routine that’s easy and effortless!

First, I always wash my face, obviously. If I find that washing my face morning and night is too drying for me, sometimes I “wash my face” with just water. I’m sure someone will tell me that I shouldn’t do that, but I’m just trying to be honest. On days that I do use a product to wash my face, this is what I use:

Shea Moisture Black Soap Face Bar

I’ve had this face bar for a long time now, and have used it off and on for months. I don’t always use this product every single morning, because it is a little harsh for my skin, but I wanted to include it since I have been using it for so long. I love Shea Moisture and this bar lasts forever! My skin feels very clean, although I noticed if I use for too many days in a row, it does tend to dry out my skin a little.

I don’t use toner in the morning, only at night, so I move right to serums and moisturizer. I like to switch up this next part a little, depending on what I feel like. Some days I just use the Vitamin C moisturizer, and some days I use the Valjean Labs Vitamin C serum and hydration gel.

Bliss Vitamin C Moisturizer

I received this moisturizer a few months ago in a complimentary voxbox from Influenster (I wrote a review about it here). It’s a great daily moisturizer because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and it works really well under makeup too. It smells faintly of citrus and the packaging is super cute! Overall, I love this brand and will definitely be trying other products from Bliss.

Valjean Labs Vitamin C Serum

I’m almost out of this serum and it’s lasted for so long! It is a bit sticky feeling on my skin, so I just use the tiniest amount and let it soak in for a while before I apply anything else. Although I do really like how my skin looks and feels when I use it, I probably won’t use a Vitamin C serum again. Any other serum recommendations for sensitive/combination skin?

Valjean Labs Hydration Gel

Okay, this hydration gel is amazing! It’s super lightweight but still nourishing enough for drier skin types. Obviously, a product with hyaluronic acid is great for your skin, so I definitely recommend this one!

Jade Roller

The last step in my morning skincare routine is my jade roller. I absolutely love using it in the mornings! I store mine in the refrigerator so it’s nice and cold when I go to use it. I use it in the morning because it’s rejuvenating and instantly makes me feel more awake.

What are some of your go-to skincare products? I’m always looking for skincare recommendations, so I’d love to know what y’all have been loving recently. Stay tuned for an evening skincare routine!! For more beauty related posts, click here.


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