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    Creative Covers Spotify Playlist

    I love acapella groups and cover/mashup bands. For my Creative Covers Spotify playlist, I wanted fun “jam” songs but with a twist! I only put a few of my favorite artists known for their covers. If you know of some more awesome cover artists, please tell me in the comments!! What’s your favorite song from this summer playlist? I think mine is “The Sound of Silence” by Pentatonix! Click here to listen to the rest of my monthly playlists.

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    The Guest List Book Review

    Reese’s book club pick for June, The Guest List, is a thrilling and suspenseful novel set on an island off the coast of Ireland. I decided to listen to the audiobook version, and I’m so glad I did! Each “main” character had their own unique voice/accent, and it really made the story come to life. And don’t worry, I won’t give away any spoilers, so you can keep reading if you haven’t read it yet! Title: The Guest List Author: Lucy Foley My Rating: My Review: I was hooked by this story and its characters, pretty much from the first chapter. Foley is incredible at building suspense and piling on…

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    Get to Know Me Q&A: Food Edition

    For this series of Q&A posts, I thought I’d change it up a bit and make a food-themed edition! I love reading get to know me blog posts so I hope this gives you more insight into who I am! If you’re new here, find out more about me here or check out my other Q&A posts. What’s your go-to breakfast? I have a massive sweet tooth in the mornings, so I like granola and yogurt or a fruit smoothie (but let’s be honest most days it’s just a bowl of cereal…) I also really love to bake so it’s not unusual for me have a banana bread or blueberry…

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    Easy Guacamole Recipe

    Guacamole is one of my go-to favorites recipes for summer lunches! I struggle eating plain avocado, but I love using it for a fresh mango salsa and of course, this easy guacamole recipe! I know that guacamole is not hard to make, but I’ve seen many recipes that have too many spices or looks like a soggy green mess. This easy recipe is full of flavor, has minimal ingredients, and is really healthy too! I store whatever is leftover (which let’s be honest, there usually isn’t any) in an airtight container for up to 2 days. Adding the tiniest amount of lime juice before refrigerating helps keep the avocado from…