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Summer Kickoff Influenster Voxbox Review

If you’re new to my blog, thanks for stopping by! In a previous product review post, I explained the Influenster voxbox campaign process a little, so if you aren’t familiar with it, I suggest clicking here.

This mix of complimentary products is a little different, but I am so happy that I got this box! It’s definitely not the most cohesive blend of products or brands, but I really enjoyed testing them!

This salad dressing was the star of this show! It’s light and creamy with a twist of lemon, and so so delicious! It pairs perfectly with my garden veggies! I think I will try marinating some chicken with this before grilling!

The two Aura Cacia skincare products are amazing! Made from essential oils and all natural products, both the hydrosol and moisturizer have very strong smells. If you’re sensitive to fragrance, I would be cautious in buying these. Thankfully, I was able to use them without any problems; a little does go a long way though! I also really appreciate the eco-friendly packaging and the overall mission of this company.

The two products I was least excited about were the Tums and OxiClean. I rarely have indigestion, so I gave the Tums to my mom to try. She thought the flavor was really good and they had the same effect as normal Tums. I decided to wash my white sheets and pillowcases this week and so I used the White Revive powder from OxiClean and was pleasantly surprised with the results! I will say that it’s hard to see a real noticeable change after just one wash, but I’m sure with continued use your white bedding and clothes would maintain their whiteness extremely well.

If you’re a member of Influenster nation, comment below with the favorite voxbox you’ve received! I think mine is still the Garnier Dry Shampoo voxbox!

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