Beginner Sustainability Tips Anyone Can Do

Sustainable and zero-waste living is a lifestyle that I have been very interested in for the past year or so, and I am constantly looking for ways that I can implement these minimalist habits into my own routine. I realize that this is a growing trend, but I am not trying to simply follow a trend. Sustainable living is a lifestyle that takes commitment and passion, and I’m slowly doing my best to leave a smaller footprint. I thought I’d start by giving some beginner sustainability tips that are simple enough for anyone to do!

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beginner sustainability tips anyone can do
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Ten Beginner Sustainability Tips:

  1. Use a product COMPLETELY before throwing it away, and then buy a more sustainable replacement.
    Sustainability is NOT an excuse to throw everything away and start from scratch. Living “waste-free” means that you use what you have until it’s gone, then you buy something to replace it. I recently needed a new toothbrush, so instead of buying another plastic one, I switched to a bamboo toothbrush. These seemingly tiny swaps really add up!
  2. Take reusable bags to the grocery and other stores.
    I love shopping at Aldi because they don’t have any plastic bags. Literally, one of the easiest choices when it comes to sustainability is to take your own reusable bags to the grocery, or to any other store. Also in the warmer months, choose to buy plastic-free produce from local farmer’s markets/produce stands and support local businesses in the process!
  3. Create a compost and/or recycling system that works for your family.
    I realize that not everyone can make a huge composting system, but everyone can take a bag of jars, lids, and other containers to your local recycling facility. I promise you, it’s really not that much extra work. If you have a small garden or veggie patch, start a little composting area to fertilize your garden with. I’d love to write a separate post about this topic, so stay tuned for that!
  4. Make coffee at home and eat more meals at home.
    You can easily limit takeaway containers and cups by simply eating at home. You’ll save money and one-use plastic consumption. Make takeaway coffees and eating out a treat rather than a daily habit.
  5. Shop secondhand before buying something new.
    Thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and local donation stores are often looked down upon, and when you say you bought something secondhand, people tend to wrinkle their nose, but these resources are so incredibly valuable! Don’t get caught up in the consumer-driven society and think you have to have everything shiny and new. Most “used” items are perfectly fine and just need a little TLC.
  6. Limit appliance use and turn off lights and devices when you aren’t using them.
    Any way you can be more energy efficient in your home and at work is a great first step in living more sustainably.
  7. Choose digital receipts and digital mail when you can.
    Rather than getting physical magazines and newspapers, read them online. Most stores offer a digital receipt option, something I think every store should have!
  8. Use washable cloths and napkins instead of paper products.
    Some of the biggest household paper waste is paper towels and napkins. Yes, you’ll have a little more laundry to do, but the amount of money and waste you’ll save will surprise you!
  9. Make your own beauty products and cleaners, or research more eco-friendly options at the store
    If you love playing chemist, then why not research some simple cleaner or beauty product recipes? Pinterest is a gold mine for things like this!
  10. Switch to rechargeable batteries
    I’ve been using rechargeable batteries for a long time, and I was surprised to hear that they aren’t more common. It only takes a little more effort to charge them when needed, so it’s an easy way to start sustainability.

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I would love to know about more beginner sustainability tips so please comment below with your sustainability experience!!

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