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Why 2020 wasn’t a failure and my 21 for 2021 list

2019 me had such big dreams for 2020…and I’m amazed to say that even with all of the chaos and uncertainty, this year wasn’t a complete write-off! I realize that we have all had a rough year, and pretty much everything that happened in 2020 wasn’t ideal. But as I’ve been reflecting on the year, I found that even in the midst of one of the worst years, there are still nuggets of happiness and success that I can celebrate!

So instead of listing the things on my 20 for 2020 that I didn’t achieve, I want to focus on a few reasons why this year wasn’t a complete failure. I encourage you to look back and find some things that you achieved in 2020. Even if it’s simply valuing those around you or getting out of bed every day, you have accomplished a lot this year!

Why 2020 wasn’t a failure:

  1. I read 77 books, including all of Reese’s Book Club picks for 2020!
  2. I read/listened through the Bible this year. (I highly recommend the Dwell Bible app if you prefer audiobooks!
  3. I simplified this blog (I was quickly approaching burnout) and created a bookstagram!
  4. I bought a car!
  5. I moved into my first solo apartment!
  6. The pandemic created situations where I have had to stand up for myself and I’m proud of myself for saying “no” when I needed to.
  7. Transitioned to working from home in March and have loved it!
  8. My family and friends have remained safe and healthy for the most part- something I never want to take for granted again!
  9. I have listened to more podcasts this year than ever!
  10. This last one is definitely a light-hearted highlight from 2020…Taylor Swift’s sister albums, Folklore and Evermore…honestly two works of pure genius!

These are just a few positive things about 2020 that came to mind. What is something you’re proud of achieving? Big or small, every victory deserves celebration!

my 21 for 2021 list

I loved creating a 20 for 2020 list, even though a lot of it didn’t go according to plan. I’m giving myself grace in 2021 to make this list flexible.

My 21 for 2021:

  1. Read the Bible chronologically.
  2. Read 75-100 books.
  3. Open savings account.
  4. Pay off student loan.
  5. Take a free online course.
  6. Make a monthly budget.
  7. Log & submit personal development for work.
  8. Complete Sarah’s Day Sweat it to Shred it e-book at least twice.
  9. Take a solo trip.
  10. Keep a food/exercise diary (in my planner)
  11. Get my passport.
  12. ENJOY blog/bookstagram. Don’t put too much pressure on myself to post.
  13. Limit one-use plastic & switch to more sustainable products/habits.
  14. Go on a coffee shop “crawl”.
  15. No phone 1 hour before bed.
  16. Social media/phone detox once a month.
  17. Support small businesses over convenient shopping.
  18. Keep up with at least 2 podcasts.
  19. Keep water with me at all times.
  20. Write short story.
  21. Give myself and those around me grace.

Do you have any goals for 2021? Let me know in the comments and we can cheer each other on! Please feel free to message me for extra support!

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