• Introversion

    Being an introvert in an extroverted world

    Before I knew that I was an introvert, I couldn’t figure out how to “fit in” with my surroundings. Everything was too loud, too chaotic, too harsh. Being an introvert has its shortcomings, but these shortcomings are often criticized unfairly because of how the world caters to extroverts. In this post, I want to debunk some introvert myths and explain how introverts function in a world made for extroverts. I already know this is going to be a long post, so I apologize in advance. For those who read this to the end, you’re the real MVPs!! Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t communicate. Introverts are called shy, distant,…

  • introvert and confrontation

    The Introvert’s Guide to Confrontation

    Welcome fellow introverts! (Extroverts are welcome too, I guess.) Seriously, whether you’re an introvert or not, I hope this introvert’s guide to confrontation helps you understand how people interact and communicate. Often we misunderstand each other during times of confrontation, which is never a good thing! I’m sure we can all agree that with everything that has been going on, confrontation has taken center stage in current events, social media, and personal relationships. We’ve all been having hard conversations, with mixed results. Besides the state of the world at the moment, there are everyday issues that demand confrontation, and even with the best of intentions (or the worst), no one…

  • introvert's guide to maintaining friendships

    The Introvert’s Guide to Maintaining Friendships

    I am an INTJ, and making and maintaining healthy friendships is really difficult for me. I wish that making new friends would come easy for me, but I have found that meaningful friendships take a lot of work. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of choices when it came to my friends. I had only one cousin close to my age, I went to a tiny private school, and the church I attended didn’t have many kids my age either. I was surrounded by “friends” but I didn’t really choose any of them to be my friend. Looking back, I realize that this warped my view of what a…

  • Introversion

    The Introvert’s Guide to working from home

    Working from home can be a blessing or a curse for introverts. On the one hand, we love having our own spaces and routines. Staying at home is pure bliss for most introverts, so working from home is just an added bonus. On the other hand, though, an introvert’s home is cozy and relaxing, not exactly the best environment conducive to productivity. I’ve always dreamed of having a job that I could do from home. In college, I worked in several office environments that were negative and stressful. But in the summer after graduation, I worked as a freelance writer and worked from home, which I found fun but also…

  • Introversion

    An Introvert’s Guide to the Job Search

    The job search is a major struggle, and for introverts, that process can be overwhelming and very much out of our comfort zones. I spent almost 8 months actively looking for a job after graduating from college, and honestly, that was grueling. I felt like I was putting on a mask every time I went to an interview, and answering my phone every time it rang, ready to sound enthusiastic and professional, was absolutely exhausting. Interviews riddled me with anxiety and my one job fair experience was an introvert’s worst nightmare! I had to remind myself frequently that my skills and experience were enough (thanks for the confidence, imposter syndrome…)…