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    Folklore Inspired Playlist for September

    Who else has been obsessed with Folklore? I CANNOT stop listening to it! So I’ve also been dabbling in more indie artists and found some songs that I really like! I hope you enjoy this Folklore inspired playlist! What song from Taylor Swift’s folklore is your favorite? Also, I really want to expand my indie/folk music horizons, so please comment with your favorite indie/folk artist or band!

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    Throwback Spotify Playlist

    I was in the mood for some classic favorites so this throwback Spotify playlist was on repeat for most of August! I tried to pick songs from a variety of genres and eras, so hopefully there’s something here for everyone! Stay tuned for next month’s “folklore” themed playlist!! What’s your favorite throwback song? Let me know in the comments! Interested in more playlists and music recommendations? Click here to browse my monthly playlist series!

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    July Playlist: Artists of Color

    My July playlist is positive, upbeat, and songs you can dance to! I really needed something fun to listen to this month, and I also wanted to highlight some of my favorite black artists. This artists of color mix is sure to have some old favorites and classics, but I’d love to know if any of these songs are new to you! Have you listened to my other Spotify playlists? Click here to check them out or follow me on Spotify to keep track of them! Also, feel free to comment below with some music recommendations!

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    My Summer Playlist: Creative Covers

    I love acapella groups and cover/mashup bands. For my summer playlist for June, I wanted fun “jam” songs but with a twist! I only put a few of my favorite artists known for their covers. If you know of some more awesome cover artists, please tell me in the comments!! What’s your favorite song from this summer playlist? I think mine is “The Sound of Silence” by Pentatonix! Click here to listen to the rest of my monthly playlists.

  • Spotify playlist for May
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    Spotify Playlist: Dynamic Duos

    In this month’s playlist, I wanted to feature some of my favorite duets. I have been LOVING this Spotify playlist! Most of these are pretty upbeat, so I’ve been playing it while I exercise or during my afternoon walk/jog (definitely more walking than jogging…) So whether you’re chilling out on the porch with a whipped coffee or taking a walk, I hope you enjoy and find a new song you’ve never heard before! What is your favorite song from this Spotify playlist? I think mine is I Hope! For more music recommendations, click here or follow me on Spotify. What have you been listening to this month? Share your playlists…